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LCY-1823 second stage radical tire building machine

LCY-1823 second stage radical tire building machine

Category: Rubber machinery

1. Rim diameter range: 18 "- 23".

2. Molding method: single steel ring, finger-shaped positive wrapped capsule reverse wrapped molding, cord feeding method.

3. Form of forming drum: mechanical folding type.

4. Forming drum diameter range: Ф 500- Ф seven hundred and twenty.

5. Forming drum width range: 550-1100.

6. Inner liner and cord feeding rack: 8-layer feeding is dual-station mobile type.

7. Cutting method of inner liner and cord: manual cutting.

8. Cord width: Max. 1820mm.

9. Coil diameter: Max Ф 600mm.

10. Single side overhang size of cord fabric: Max.250mm.

11. Sidewall rubber: manual binding.

12. Sidewall width: Max.450mm.

13. Shoulder pad rubber: manual binding.

14. Shoulder width: Max.100mm.

15. Control system: programmable PLC.